Machine Room Elevator

  • using world's leading permanent magnet gearless tractor, reduce energy consumption effectively, may reduce 40% of energy consumption, within host so that no need to be maintained;

  • energy feedback regeneration technology, energy saving 28%;

  • efficient vector elevator frequency converter.

The safe, accurate and guaranteed position control system

Advanced sensors on the motor rotor movement for high precision real time signal feedback, to achieve in a shaft running car positioning achieve millineter level precision, achieving almost no difference level. A reliable car displacement memory technology, to ensure that the elevator open door before stopping and leveling safely function.

Earthquake protection function, high-tech life inspiration

Through emergency rapid report control operation, early detection to the seismic wave, in a timely manner to the elevator control system output alarm point, so the elevator leveling at closest floor.

Professional service at special time micro-computer group control management

Suzhou Asia Fuji elevator group control system is a high- speed network processing central nervous system, it can calculate the building the best elevator poeration mode, the system of traffic control performance excellence from parallel "fuzzy calculation" method. The processing system is based on a highly effecient, rapid genetic algorithm, it can choose the best route for passengers to ride, so that passengers in any traffic conditions receive timely services.



Passenger elevator layout
Small machine room passenger elevator layout